Breeders' Championship Europe Chantilly

Psyche Victoria won class of mares 7 y.o. & older and Gold Medal in Mares Championship at Breeders' Championship Europe in Chantilly in France.


Danish Nationals

Echo Apollo had a success at Nationals in Vilhelmsborg in Denmark. He won a class "stallions 7 y.o. and older" with 40.83 points and he became National Gold Champion Stallion!

He also won English Pleasure class and show class in hand with 41,17 points. As a result he won a title Overall Champion - DSAH Cup!

Congratulations to his owner who also showed him herself!!!


Echo Angus

Congratulations to Petronius Arabians on the purchase of Echo Angus! We wish you nice foals by this handsome stallion!


ARABIA-Polska, V Warsaw Championship

Psyche Victoria won Gold Medal in cathegory "Mares" and the title "The Best in Show"!

Her son Psyche Ull won Silver Medal in cathegory "Stallions".

Her grandson Gaja Ramzes (by Psyche Keret) won Gold Medal in cathegory "Yearling Colts".

Also Psyche Kreon won Bronze Medal in 1 y.o. Colts Championship. 


ARABIA-Polska, V Warsaw Championship

The results of our horses on Friday at B international show in Buksza Polo Club:

- Gaja Ramzes - 1 place in class IA-yearling colts,

- Psyche Kreon - 1 place in class IB-yearling colts,

- Echo Achilles - 4 place in class III-three years old colts,

- Gaja Kleopatra - 3 place in class IVA-yearling fillies,

- Gaja Europa - 3 place in class IVB-yearling fillies,

- Echo Ariadna - 4 place in class VI-three years old fillies,

- Psyche Diana - 2 place in class VI-three years old fillies,

- Psyche Ull - 1 place in class VII-stallions 4-6 years old,

- Echo Adonis - 2 place in class VIII-stallions 7 years old and older,

- Echo Fortuna - 3 place in class IX-mares 4-6 years old,

- Psyche Victoria - 1 place in class X-mares 7 years old and older, highest score of the show 92,83 points!

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