Psyche Victoria, photo:Sylwia Iłenda Psyche Victoria, photo:Sylwia Iłenda


Photos of Psyche Victoria made by Sylwia Ilenda

We updated the photo galleries of Sylwia Iłenda and Psyche Victoria.


Added new foal's subpages

We added new foal's subpages to our website: Echo Daenerys, Gaja Eunika, Gaja Luna, Chaos Uriel, Psyche Gabriel.


Polish National Sport Championship for Arabian Horses

The results of our horses at Polish National Sport Championships with Danuta Konończuk (rider):

- Chaos Atar - 4th place in Classic Pleasure Open, 4th place in Hunter Pleasure Open, 5th-6th place in Classic All Around Open,

- Echo Orfeusz:

             - semi-finals: 3rd place in class D - Classic Pleasure group I and 2nd place in class F - Polish Historical Costume Senior,

             - finals: 5th place in class D - Classic Pleasure and Silver Medal in class F - Polish Historical Costume Senior.


Cracow Arabian Horse Picnic

The results of our horses at arabian horse show at Cracow Arabian Horse Picnic:

- Psyche Kreon - 1 place in class 1. yearling colts,

- Echo Astarte - 5 place in class 4. yearling fillies,

- Echo Ariadna - 4 place in class 6. three years old fillies.

Also one horse bred in our stud was entered to the show by his owner. Echo Achilles was second in class 3. (three years old colts).


Echo Achilles

Echo Achilles is sold to Poland. Congratulations to his new owner!

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