Al Khalediah Festival in Poland

Our horse's results at B int. show at Al Khalediah Festival:

- Gaja Europa - 3rd place in class yearling fillies B

- Psyche Diana - 4rt place in class three years old fillies

- Gaja Ramzes - 2nd place in class yearling colts A

- Psyche Keret - 1st place in class 4-6 y.o. stallions and Bronze Medal Stallion.


Polish National Championship

The results of our horses:

- Psyche Kreon - 5th place in class yearling colts B

- Echo Achilles - 5th place in class three years old colts

- Psyche Ull - 3rd place in class stallions 4-6 y.o.

- Echo Astarte - 4rt place in class yearling fillies A

- Echo Ariadna - 2nd place in class three years old fillies

- Psyche Victoria - 1st place in class mares 7-10 y.o. B & "Top Four Mare" in championship.



Photos made by Sylwia Ilenda

We added new photos to the horse's galleries: Echo Kasjopeja, Gaja Wenus, Gaja Bachus i Chaos Andromeda, and to the gallery of photographer Sylwia Iłenda.


Breeders' Championship Europe Chantilly

Psyche Victoria won class of mares 7 y.o. & older and Gold Medal in Mares Championship at Breeders' Championship Europe in Chantilly in France.


Danish Nationals

Echo Apollo had a success at Nationals in Vilhelmsborg in Denmark. He won a class "stallions 7 y.o. and older" with 40.83 points and he became National Gold Champion Stallion!

He also won English Pleasure class and show class in hand with 41,17 points. As a result he won a title Overall Champion - DSAH Cup!

Congratulations to his owner who also showed him herself!!!

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